Mission, Core Values, and Professional Conduct


Our mission is to be an ethically and innovatively driven, global firm providing sustainable engineering solutions in the built and inhabited environment.

In cooperation with owners and users, we act with integrity and creativity in order to deliver means and methods used to evaluate, predict, and extend construction services life. We commit to the use of our expertise to provide for public safety and adhere to the highest applicable standards of workplace safety for the protection of our employees.

We believe that investment in our human and capital resources is necessary to foster success for our employees, our company, and the communities where we engage.

Core Values

Chief among our core values is to act with integrity and character at all times. Therefore, in considering our actions in any circumstance, we first consider the effect of the contemplated action or inaction on:

  • Our client
  • Other parties associated with the project or task
  • Our employees
  • The community
  • Any other parties that may be affected

We strive to act at all times as if a spotlight is shining on us, never undertaking an action under the pretense of ‘I hope no one finds out’.

We place high importance on the trust we have developed in our business history. Realizing that regaining lost trust is a daunting task, keeping trust is a matter of living up to our commitments. These commitments include:

  • Rigorous honesty in all matters
  • Realistic representations that avoid hyperbole and overpromises
  • Vigilant attention to conflicts of interest
  • Commitment to ethical practices from task inception to completion
  • Respect of our team, avoiding self-promotion at the expense of our coworkers, stakeholders, etc.
  • Proclaiming positivity in regards to our firm, rather than negativity in regards to our competition

Guidelines for Professional Conduct

We adhere to the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Code of Ethics as a guideline for professional conduct.