Risk Management is a Client Benefit

Every construction project on which Twining is engaged involves a degree of risk.  This risk is spread among all the participants in the project, whether actively performing construction services or passively investing in the development.  Examples of project risks include injury to workers at the construction site, damage to partially-constructed improvements by hazards such as… Continue Reading

Daylight Savings

Daylight savings was implemented the concept was invented in the early 1900’s by Germans in an attempt to converse energy resources. Currently only three places in the United States don’t observe Daylight savings (Arizona, Hawaii, and a county in Colorado.) I spent most of my childhood in Arizona so I have never been a fan… Continue Reading

DRP Consulting, Inc. Joins Twining

We are excited to announce that DRP Consulting, Inc. was acquired by Twining, Inc. The new company is TI DRP, LLC, doing business as DRP, a Twining Company. This enterprise marks an incredible opportunity for DRP and our clients. Twining is the established leader in construction testing services in California, with an impressive range of… Continue Reading

Why Rebrand Twining?

Why does a company like Twining need to rebrand? Twining has a long-established brand name, known and respected in industry. Over our 100 years in business, we have had the good fortune to occupy the first position in the market for services we provide. Branding is a vehicle that can carry and deliver important quantifiable and… Continue Reading

Helical Piles, A Feasible Deep Foundation Alternative

  Hanh N. Hong, MSc, P.Eng., PE brings over 15 years of technical expertise to Twining. Serving as Project Engineer in our Sacramento office, Hanh’s experience includes project management, materials testing and geotechnical engineering consulting services relative to the following business sectors: water/wastewater facilities, oil and gas, electrical power, residential/commercial development, schools and universities, industrial, healthcare… Continue Reading

Have You Been Getting That Sinking Feeling?

In recent years the popular press has presented stories describing the process of climate change taking place as the world becomes more industrialized.  One of the effects often mentioned is that as atmospheric temperatures rise, polar ice caps melt with increasing rapidity, leading to rises in sea level that can inundate low-lying coastal areas. Although… Continue Reading


For those in our industry the acronym CMTI represents Construction Materials Testing and Inspection. However in recent years it often seems as if the T and I have flipped to IT due to the heavy amount of Information Technology that is used on a daily basis. It wasn’t so long ago that when a proposal… Continue Reading

Repost! Heat Illness Prevention

Happy first day of summer! In preparation for the summer, we are reposting our blog about taking important safety measure when working outside. To say it’s hot outside today would be an understatement. Our Safety Manager Cameron Desart has some tips on staying safe and preventing Heat Illness.   For many, summer is slowly coming to its… Continue Reading

Mind the Gap: Effective Stormwater Project Manager

Twining’s Stormwater Manager, Milas Smith, wrote the following article for WTS. To view the article on their site click here.   A Little History The phrase “mind the gap” was coined in 1968 in the London Underground for a planned automated announcement after terrible accidents and fatalities occurred because of slips and falls between the rail… Continue Reading