Municipalities (MS4)

Twining has been working with municipalities throughout California for over 100 years, and we understand that each city requires services tailored to their specific needs.

Twining Stormwater can perform all of the inspections and public outreach activities you require, including:

Site Inspection
We begin with a forensic evaluation of city and county records to help set up a database of businesses within the city who could potentially contribute to stormwater pollution. These businesses are then inspected and evaluated for possible stormwater impact, and illicit connections to the stormwater system.

We can perform inspections of stormwater critical source Tier 1 and 2 sites, including: restaurants, auto facilities, manufacturing facilities, and oil refineries.

Violation Follow-Up
When violations are observed, or reported by citizens in the community, every effort is made to resolve the situation quickly, in a non-adversarial manner.

Construction Sites
To help cities comply with their NPDES stormwater permits, we perform annual inspections at construction sites. These sites are typically those over one acre, or at smaller sites where problems have been reported previously. Our inspections include checking the effectiveness of the BMPs to control sediment, and other construction related materials.

Plan Review
We review your plans to ensure they meet regulatory standards, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Public Agency Stormwater Management Practices
We have developed and implemented Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) and Stormwater Monitoring Plans (SWMP) for municipal facilities such as: corporate yards, airports, landfills, transfer stations, and a number of industrial facilities.

We conduct the required inspections to assess city facilities, and measure compliance with the NPDES permit. These assessments check for:

  1. Proper vehicle and equipment washing practice,
  2. Proper storage of materials (canopies, berms, etc.)
  3. Good general housekeeping practices. Where required, annual permit implementation status reports are prepared for submittal to the Regional Water Board.

Complaint Response and Surveillance
Surveillance: Inspectors visit hot spots in the city and any observed illicit discharges are followed up through an enforcement program.

Complaint Response: To handle complaints from concerned citizens, city staff, local officials, we assess the situation and work with the responsible parties to achieve compliance. We do this by stopping the problem, containing, implementing clean up procedures, and documenting events to prevent future spills.

Public Outreach

Twining has a dedicated, in-house marketing department that works with you to create a marketing message that speaks to the needs of your city and communities.

Public outreach activities include:

  • Event Representation
  • Press Release / PSAs
  • Outdoor Advertising
  • Presentations