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City of Millbrae, Recreation Center

Millbrae, CA
BG of Energy Industry

The Millbrae Recreation Center project consisted of the construction of new 23,500 square foot building with approximately three acres of sitework. Plans included a two-story structure to accommodate a 300-guest community room with a full-service kitchen, lobby, staff area, game room, fitness and wellness studio, preschool, senior lounges, classrooms, and conference rooms. Additionally, the site work included renovation of parking lots, vibrant outdoor space, and stormwater bioretention.

Under our on-call agreement with the City, Twining provided geotechnical testing and construction special inspection and material testing services. Our scope of services included soil testing, including compaction testing for trenches and pad and foundation work for the new building, concrete sampling for foundation and pad work, and assuming the role as Geotechnical Engineer of Record. Inspections as the structure went vertical included shop and field welding, structural steel, structural concrete, spray-applied fireproofing, drilled in anchors, and waterproofing.

City of Millbrae
Services Provided
Special Inspection
Materials Testing Laboratories