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City of San Diego, Slurry Seal

San Diego, CA
BG of Energy Industry

This project consists of the placement of rubber polymer modified slurry (RPMS), crack sealing, removal of humps & pavement irregularities, asphalt mill and pave, and digouts, pavement base repairs, milling and disposal of pavement fabric, replacing traffic signal detection loops and stub outs, adjusting existing City manhole frames and covers to grade, raising appurtenances to grade (water, sewer), raising survey monuments to grade, reconstructing survey monument boxes, street and sidewalk sweeping, removal and replacement of existing thermoplastic striping and markings/legends, traffic control drawings & permits, weed abatement, storm drain inlet protection, installation of inlet markings, sediment control, and possible night and weekend work. We understand this project will consist of multiple locations throughout central and northern San Diego.

Twining provided quality control operations during the hot mix asphalt (HMA) services. Our services were performed in conjunction with the 2018 Greenbook and the 2018 City of San Diego Whitebook.

Quality Construction & Engineering
Services Provided
Asphalt Testing
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