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County of Ventura, Todd Road Jail Health and Programing Unit

Santa Paula, CA
BG of Energy Industry

The new Ventura County Todd Road Jail Health and Programing Unit (TRJHPU) will be built on a site adjacent to the existing Ventura County Todd Road Jail facility. The 64-bed expansion offers a more holistic approach to treatment for those inmate-patients with medical/mental health needs. The primary focus is treatment in a therapeutic health care environment with a custody overlay.

The Project is being constructed by Kitchell and DLR Group via design-build methodology, and will provide a 54,000-square-foot building addition to the current Toad Road Jail facility. Currently under construction, the project completion date is anticipated at the end February 2021.

The Project is structured into three incremental packages: package one includes grading and underground utilities, package two comprises the installations of the aggregate pier foundation system and slab-on-grade floor foundation elements, and package three includes all other construction elements, including the masonry wall perimeters and roof assembly.

Twining’s scope of work for this project includes providing special inspection; concrete placement observation and sampling; masonry walls construction observation; and testing of grout, welding, bolting, and fireproofing.

City of Santa Clarita
Services Provided
Special Inspection
Materials Testing Laboratories