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CT 08-347704, SR-58 Kramer Junction Expressway

San Bernardino County, CA
BG of Energy Industry

The $200 million joint federally- and state-funded State Route 58 (SR-58) Kramer Junction Expressway project widened a 7.5-mile portion of SR-58 from a two-lane conventional highway to a four-lane divided expressway in the high desert region of northern San Bernardino County. In addition, the project replaced the at-grade intersection between U.S. Route 395/ SR-58 in the City of Kramer Junction with a grade-separated connection. It also realigned SR-58 to provide a grade separation for a BNSF railroad crossing. A unique aspect of this project was Caltrans CM/GC method for project delivery. This method necessitated an additional level of close coordination among the CM/GC – Kiewit Infrastructure West Cooperation – design engineers, construction quality consultants, and other project team members to build the project quickly and efficiently.

Twining provided a wide range of technical services on the project. During the project’s pre-construction phase, these services included development and field qualification of concrete mixtures. They also included development of a QC and cracking mitigation plans and Just-in-Time training seminar for construction team and Caltrans personnel. Once construction commenced, Twining provided extensive onsite laboratory material testing, quality control inspection of soils compaction and concrete, and technical support services over the course of 650 inspection dispatches.

Services Provided
Asphalt Testing
Special Inspection