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Mojave Air and Space Port, Taxiway ‘C’ Pavement Rehabilitation

Mojave, CA
BG of Energy Industry

Taxiway ‘C’ is the only full-length parallel taxiway to Runway 8-26 at the Mojave Air and Space Port, located in the City of Mojave. It consists of asphalt and is roughly 7,200 feet long with portions ranging from 50 to 80 feet in width. The taxiway required a pavement rehabilitation due to its level of deterioration.

A Pavement Condition Index (PCI) study rated the portion of Taxiway ‘C’ west of Runway 12-30 as “Poor” with a PCI value of 46. The portion of Taxiway ‘C’ east of Runway 12-30 has a PCI value of 88, which results in a classification of “Good.” The improvements in this area consisted of filling medium severity cracks, routing and sealing the high severity cracks, full-depth asphalt patching of any isolated pavement failures, and applying an emulsion fog seal. Approximately 4,700 linear feet of Taxiway ‘C’ abut the main aircraft apron and require repair of the concrete / asphalt transition between the taxiway and the apron. Additionally, the project scope included addressing the taxiway edge lighting deficiencies and removing one row of T-hangars that conflicted with the Taxiway Object Free Area (TOFA).

Twining began working on the project in March of 2021 and provided quality assurance services as a consultant to the airport’s construction management team, Mead & Hunt. The firm’s scope of service included field testing, laboratory testing, and inspection and testing of asphalt and the Solari Aggregate HMA batch plant in Arvin, California.

Mead & Hunt
Services Provided
Asphalt Testing
Special Inspection