Geotechnical Engineering

Twining’s geotechnical engineers, geologists, and technicians bring their finest professional skills and practical experience to each project. Because we regularly provide both quality assurance and quality control services, we have unique and valuable insight on what it takes to get a job done efficiently and cost effectively.

Geotechnical Investigation

Our experts develop geotechnical investigation programs that include field exploration and laboratory testing to evaluate the subsurface conditions at a wide variety of sites. Typical field investigation methods include small and large diameter borings, cone penetration testing, down-hole logging, installation of monitoring wells, and trenching for geological/seismological hazards and fault investigations.

Our comprehensive in-house laboratories are completely certified and capable of performing all routine tests including moisture and density, Atterberg limits, sieve analysis, direct shear, consolidation and R-value.

The data obtained from field investigation and laboratory testing is evaluated by our engineers and used to determine time and cost saving methods of construction. These methods may include reusing on-site material, innovative foundation designs and the most feasible construction techniques.

Geotechnical Analysis and Design

Our engineers have extensive experience performing geotechnical analysis and providing design recommendations to meet the needs of wide range of project types from high-rise residential developments to freeway retaining walls. Specific analytical and design capabilities include:

  • Foundation design including bearing capacity and settlement evaluation
  • Slope stability analysis
  • Permanent and temporary earth retaining structures
  • Seismic analysis including liquefaction and seismic settlement
  • Seismic ground response analysis
  • Ground improvement
  • Advanced analytical methods such as finite element analysis

Geotechnical Observation and Testing During Construction

Geotechnical construction observation is an integral part of any project as it ensures adherence to the geotechnical design recommendations and project specifications. Once construction on a project begins, our team of highly qualified field technicians can provide geotechnical observation and testing during all relevant activities. Our engineers understand the importance of communication during construction and work closely with our technicians to provide seamless testing and engineering services. Our in-house laboratories ensure quick turnaround and allow our staff to provide closely monitored quality control at all times. We also have extensive experience meeting the special needs of stringent agencies such as the Division of the State Architect (DSA), Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) and other public agencies and municipalities.

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