Asphalt Testing and Inspection

Twining provides local agencies with comprehensive pavement engineering services that utilize the newest pavement rehabilitation technologies to effectively deliver our clients the service life that they expect of their pavements at a construction cost that may be less than traditional methods.

Twining routinely assesses current pavement conditions and identifies the causes of pavement distress. Using the Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD), coring, ground penetrating radar (GPR), and dynamic cone penetrometer testing we are able to assess subgrade conditions and determine the load-carrying capacity of in-place pavement. Our efforts can determine the remaining service life of pavement and identify options for rehabilitation.

We routinely develop hot mix asphalt designs consisting of the following materials:

  • Polymer Modified Binders
  • Rubberized Hot Mix Asphalt
  • Warm Mix Asphalt
  • Hot Mix Asphalt Using High Amounts of Recycled Asphalt Concrete
  • FAA Marshall
  • Superpave

The proper structural section design for flexible pavement as well as the asphalt concrete mixture type is crucial to its performance and longevity. Poor design can result in early failures, substandard performance and repairs that quickly become costly. We are committed to helping agencies design and implement the most appropriate, durable pavement solutions.